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The expertise
of a Master Artisanal Charcutier

Master Artisanal Charcutier Christian Favre applies the highest standards to all Mont Charvin products. “Producing good cured meats the right way” is Salaisons du Mont Charvin’s ambition. Saucissons, sausages, cured meats and terrines are produced using artisanal traditions. From meat to spices and AOP cheeses, all the ingredients used in making our products are rigorously selected for their inimitable quality.

Our commitments

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At Mont Charvin, premium quality is both a commitment and a result. We make quality products with subtle tastes and flavours using carefully selected ingredients and a well-managed production process.

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Our products are made using mainly local ingredients. Our pork in particular is selected from farms which care for both animal welfare and the environment.

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The importance of service

Every Mont Charvin employee strives daily to provide the best products and the best service. We are always attentive and ready to make a difference however we can.

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Our range subtly balances tradition and creation in an effort to pique your interest and amaze you. Every day, we challenge ourselves, adapt - and stick the course!

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Christian Favre, Master Artisanal

Passionate about his craft, terroir and home region, Christian Favre gets involved in every stage of the making process to provide you with high-quality cured meats. This is why he was awarded the prestigious title of Master Artisanal Charcutier, His signature creations are tasty products which balance tradition and modernity. Give in to temptation.

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Le Rougeot
du Charvin

Because good products start with good ingredients, Mont Charvin has developed its own straw bed-based pig farming label in Savoie that respects animals, the environment and our mountain traditions.

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