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With its pioneering originality, this often imitated, never equalled range reflects Mont Charvin’s own history as well as its Master Artisanal Charcutier’s expertise.

Saucisson aux morilles sur lit de mousse

La Morille®

This exceptional saucisson is infused with the delicate flavour of morels. This premium quality product will find just the right place on your dining table!
Saucisson aux chanterelles sur lit de mousse

La Chanterelle®

Add a remarkable woodland aroma to your cuisine! A Saucicreor award-winner.
Les miches de la cousine, gamme "Les Exclusifs de Mont Charvin"

Les Miches De La Cousine®

This is a fun but most importantly delicious Saucisson to gift to friends!
Saucilight, gamme "Les Light" de Mont Charvin

Le Saucilight®

This blended meat and spice product’s original design is a great reminder that Saucilight is the lightest cured sausage on the market. To be eaten guilt-free!
Le Saucisson au Sapin, gamme "Les Apéritifs" de Mont Charvin

Pine saucisson

Its delicate woody flavours will bring back memories of your mountain holidays!
Sachet de saucissons "Les Exclusifs de Mont Charvin" : Grelots® aux Noix

Walnut Grelots®

Small bites of sausage delicately flavoured with Grenoble AOP walnuts... They are so tasty and bite-size, it hasn’t taken long for our Grelots® to become legends in their own right!
Sachet de saucissons "Les Exclusifs de Mont Charvin" : Grelots® au Beaufort

Beaufort cheese Grelots®

Our famous Grelots have set off on an Alpine journey! Thrill your taste buds with this Beaufort-flavoured variety.
Saucisson gamme "Les Exclusifs de Mont Charvin" : Les Cornes de Bouquetin

Les Cornes de Bouquetin®

A uniquely presented cured sausage that’s always a hit among connoisseurs!
Saucisson croix savoyarde

La Croix savoyarde®

A traditionally crafted cured sausage, La Croix Savoyarde makes a perfect gift for anyone with a gourmet palate!
Saucisson tranché aux amandes

The Almond Medallion

Easy to slice, it brings the flavours of almond and saucisson together in perfect union!
Saucisson Fagots Savoyards Mont Charvin et Opinel sur planche à découper

Les Fagots® Savoyards

Created by Mont Charvin to add some pizzazz to your appetizers, these saucissons are as imitated as they are inimitable!
Les tortillettes des Alpes, saucisson en spirale

Les Tortillettes® des Alpes

Fall for this spiral of devilish temptation. One bite is never enough!
Saucisson en forme d'oeuf de marmotte

L’Œuf de Marmotte®

If they laid them, marmots would probably fill their eggs with the treasures they find in their path, like hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and blueberries – which is just what we’ve done here! The result is a succulent saucisson dedicated to ramblers!
Saucisson à l'ancienne et son sac de toile

Traditional Saucisson

Original and practical, its small canvas bag will preserve its old-fashioned, natural taste for time to come!
Petites saucisses apéritifs tranchées, la Charvinette
La Charvinette®
Delicious little saucissons for your aperitif! Perfect for tasting with friends.
Saucisson Fagots Savoyards Mont Charvin et Opinel sur planche à découper
Les Fagots® à l'Ail des Ours
Have you heard of wild garlic? You might have smelled its gorgeous scent emanating from the undergrowth in springtime. These delicious, subtly flavoured Fagots® make for a thoroughly refreshing appetizer.