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Because you can still be a foodie and love low-fat products, Mont Charvin has created a range of lean and tasty cured meats! Flavours combining tradition and modernity.

Artisalight, gamme "Les Light" de Mont Charvin


Made with 90% lean meat, this product’s subtlety will seduce you thanks to its authentic flavour.
Saucilight, gamme "Les Light" de Mont Charvin

Le Saucilight®

This blended meat and spice product’s original design is a great reminder that Saucilight is the lightest cured sausage on the market.
To be eaten guilt-free!
Caillasse, gamme "Les Light" de Mont Charvin

La Caillasse®

Behind its tough name, which means “gravel” in French, hides a delicious product made with dried pork fillet, a speciality exclusive to Mont Charvin. To be enjoyed in thin slices!
Le Tavaillon, gamme "Les Light" de Mont Charvin
Le Tavaillon®
Another Mont Chavin creation: a small slab of dried beef, slowly marinated in plum schnapps. Don’t leave Savoie without tasting this gourmet delight!
L'Ancelle, gamme "Les Light" de Mont Charvin
An “ancelle” was once a wooden plank used to cover Alpine chalet roofs. Mont Charvin has borrowed the name for one of its specialties. Enjoy this woody-flavoured pork fillet that’s been dried and marinated in an infusion of pine tree buds. Delicious!
L'Épicéa, gamme "Les Light" de Mont Charvin
L' Épicéa®
Our beautiful forests are filled with the sweet smell of resin. Explore the captivating flavour of spruce bark in this slow-dried pork fillet, a Savoyard cured meat classic.