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Quality isn’t imitated, it’s earned

Christian Favre, Director and Master Artisan Charcutier.

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to the heart of Savoie.

Mont Charvin’s products.

Our products are made according to the purest regional traditions, giving you the touch of originality upon which Mont Charvin’s reputation is built. The particular attention that we pay to making our products by selecting the tastiest ingredients, such as Guérande salt, together with high-quality cuts of fresh pork (ham, shoulder and fillet) gives our products an inimitable quality.

Mont Charvin guarantees that its products are free from colourings, gluten, polyphosphate, ascorbate and added lactose*.

*With the exception of products containing cheese and the terrine range.

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Selection of quality raw ingredients

The meat

We only use French pork delivered straight from the abattoir. These are fresh, high-quality cuts (shoulder, ham and fillet).
These meats are delivered to us fresh every day and used quickly in order to preserve their texture.

The ingredients

MONT CHARVIN prefers to use small, local producers and selects quality ingredients.

We only work with natural casings and moulds, so you can enjoy them as much as you enjoy the product.

The spices

We don’t use ready-made spice mixes.
We grind our peppercorns and mix our spices at the same time as making our products, allowing their aromas to be preserved.


We don’t use spice mixes. The only ingredients used in our products that are classed as allergens are nuts, cheese (which naturally contains lactose), milk and eggs (only contained in the terrine range).

Traditional production methods

Our products undergo a slow and gentle airing and drying process that allows Mont Charvin’s distinctive aromas to develop.

All of our meats are dry-salted, giving them that typical dried flavour.


Our pork and beef are of 100% French origin.


Mont Charvin is also a “Master Artisan”, and the whole team are always on the lookout for new recipes to awaken your taste buds. The products marked by the “®” logo are therefore trademarks of Mont Charvin.

Blason Savoie

Savoyard initiative

Making regional products such as saucisson, dried meats and terrines, in the finest regional tradition. We’re proud of our gastronomic heritage.

Distribution channels

Mont Charvin is a supplier to shops selling regional products, delicatessens, butchers/charcutiers and distributors, and avoids the mass market.