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This range is filled with the kind of unique expertise that goes into making Savoyard cured meats.
Products made in the purest charcuterie tradition!

Saucissons tranchés

Artisanal saucisson

Plain or smoked, this traditional saucisson will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs with its simple, balanced flavour.
Saucissons enrobés de poivre ou d'herbes

Coated saucisson

Coated in herbs or black pepper, this saucisson is a thrill for anyone who loves punchy flavour.
Saucisson aux 3 saveurs de poivre

Three-pepper saucisson

Discover the surprisingly complementary flavours of black, green and pink pepper. Blown into Savoie on a trade wind!
La saucisse sèche classique

Cured sausage

The most classic charcuterie product retains its crown when made “like back in the day”.
Grelot aux noix

Walnut Saucisson

This saucisson is none other than the forerunner of our famous trademarked walnut Grelots ®. Enthusiasts take note!
Saucisson à l'ancienne

Country-Style Saucisson

Enjoy the authentic taste of an artisanal Alpine saucisson thanks to our old-fashioned mincing technique, thick natural cases and carefully selected spices.
Saucisson montagnard et fromage de caractère

Beaufort AOP Saucisson

This exceptional product is born of the delicious union of a mountain saucisson and a classic Savoie cheese that’s full of character.
Saucisson sec tranché au comté AOP

Comté AOP Saucisson

This saucisson’s subtle balance of traditional sausage and perfectly matured cheese captures the essence of Franche-Comté’s meadows.
Saucisson sec tranché au Morbier AOP

Morbier AOP Saucisson

Morbier cheese’s soft texture and character are delicately combined with our artisanal sausage in this product. Discover the taste of the Haut-Jura.
Saucisson sec tranché à l'abondance AOP

Abondance AOP Saucisson

Close your eyes and imagine the bounty and beauty of the Abondance Valley and its traditional cheese. A mature taste that pairs perfectly with our sausages’ robust flavour.
Saucisson sec au Munster tranché

Munster AOP Saucisson

The foothills of the Vosges mountains are the birthplace of this cheese, which packs a big personality. It blends perfectly with our traditional Savoie saucisson.
Saucisson et noisette

Hazelnut Saucisson

Enjoy the crunch of these lovely hazelnuts squirrelled away in a quality saucisson.
Saucisson et cèpes

Boletus Saucisson

This Boletus mushroom saucisson has a subtle scent of woodland undergrowth. Let your mind wonder down forest paths…
Saucisson et pistache

Pistachio Saucisson

This exotic saucisson, designed for refined palates, will seduce foodies with its lovely green pistachios.
Saucisson et génépi

Genepi saucisson

Savour all the delights of Savoie’s cuisine. Discover this saucisson flavoured with a liqueur made with genepi (a pretty plant picked high up in the mountains).