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Our dried meats

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The careful attention paid to selecting our meats leads to an exceptional, lively product.
Slowly aged, dry salted, classic or exclusive to Mont Charvin, our dried meats make for an unforgettable taste experience.

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Jambon sec de Savoie Rougeot du Charvin® tranché sur planche détouré

Boneless cured Savoie ham


Discover the unique and authentic taste of 100% natural old-style hams. A cornerstone of our traditional artisanal expertise, this Savoie cured ham comes from our own suppliers at Le Rougeot du Charvin®. After being deboned, it is rubbed in dry salt several times over two to three weeks, before being left to dry for at least 15 months in the cellar. This long ageing process gives the ham a fruity, tender and delicate character.
Savoie hams are notable for the Parma-style way in which they are prepared, giving them a fairly short, rounded look and a pear-shaped or flat form. Like all our cured meat, this product is free from ascorbate, added lactose, colouring and polyphosphate.
To be enjoyed in wafer-thin or thin slices or in sandwiches.

Viande séchée, Coppa Mont Charvin

La Coppa

You might have heard of Corsican or Italian coppa – so now try Coppa Mont Charvin! Our "dry salt" curing techniques lend an exceptionally tender feel to the meat, which will work wonders in your appetizers or cheese and potato dishes...
Viande de bœuf séchée

Dried beef

If you are a connoisseur of the finer things, this carefully selected beef will surprise you with its delicacy and slightly herb-inflected notes.
Noix de jambon natures et fumées

Plain and smoked topside of ham

Dried for several months in the Alpine air, Mont Charvin topside of ham will delight you with its delicate aromas.
Jambon traditionnel, le Lonzo


Corsica’s superb traditional ham derives its finesse from our rigorous making techniques and the slow maturation process it undergoes in our dryers.
Poitrine nature ou fumée tranchée

Plain and smoked pork belly

Delicately smoked, slowly dried and then dusted with spices, our pork belly can be enjoyed like a ham. To be cut thinly!
L'Épicéa, gamme "Les Light" de Mont Charvin

L' Épicéa®

Our beautiful forests are filled with the sweet smell of resin. Explore the captivating flavour of spruce bark in this slow-dried pork fillet, a Savoyard cured meat classic.
Magret de canard fumé, épicé et tranché

Duck breast

Delicate flavours of south-western France are prepared by our Master Artisan so that we can offer you a subtly spicy, slightly smoky flavour. A divine accompaniment for your salads and appetizers.
Coeurs de Jambon Mont Charvin et branche de sapin

Plain and smoked topside of ham

Cut from the finest part of a ham, this delicious plain or smoky piece of meat is patiently dried and will delight even the most demanding gourmets.
Caillasses nature et fumée viandes séchées tranchées

Plain and smoked Caillasse®

Behind its tough name, which means “gravel” in French, hides a delicious product made with dried pork fillet, a speciality exclusive to Mont Charvin. To be enjoyed in thin slices!
Le Tavaillon, gamme "Les Light" de Mont Charvin

Le Tavaillon®

Another Mont Chavin creation: a small slab of dried beef, slowly marinated in plum schnapps. Don’t leave Savoie without tasting this gourmet delight!
L'Ancelle, gamme "Les Light" de Mont Charvin


An “ancelle” was once a wooden plank used to cover Alpine chalet roofs. Mont Charvin has borrowed the name for one of its specialties. Enjoy this woody-flavoured pork fillet that’s been dried and marinated in an infusion of pine tree buds. Delicious!
La Pancetta ou le bacon italien tranché


Also known as “Italian bacon”, this beautiful rolled and expertly spiced piece of belly meat will serve as the perfect accompaniment for your charcuterie platters during a meal with friends.
plateau de charcuterie tranché Mont Charvin

Sliced meats

Discover the flavours of Mont Charvin in these ready-to-eat products. These thinly sliced meats will work wonders with your appetizers and during meals with friends.

Mont Charvin's recommendation

Use very thin slices of about 1 mm thick to bring out all the flavours and aromas of our dried meats. 

Best enjoyed at room temperature.

Traditionally, dry Savoie ham comes from chunky pigs fed on whey produced by small cheese makers. This complementary relationship between dairy and pig farming has now completely disappeared… But it is precisely this that Mont Charvin wants to revive with itsLe Rougeot du Charvin® label. Our Savoie cured ham is currently the only product which is supplied entirely by our exclusive quality subsidiary. So make sure you try our label!

Forget the clichés! Cured meat pairs best with white wine. It’s strange but true! Red wine’s tannins often overpower dried meat’s flavours. Rosé and white wines are actually better companions, or you could choose a red with a very low tannin content.

Dry white wine from Savoie and dried Mont Charvin meats form an ideal pair. Nature knows best, right?