The terrine range

Ancelle terrine

Discover the subtle flavour of one of Mont Charvin’s specialities: Ancelle, pork fillet that’s been dried and marinated in an infusion of pine tree buds. Enthusiasts take note!

Tavaillon terrine

A distinctive terrine made with dried beef, slowly marinated in plum schnapps.

Morel terrine

An exceptional terrine, to be spread with gusto.

Chanterelle terrine

A delicate woodland flavour.

Pine terrine

Appreciate the woody flavour of this emblematic tree found in our forests here in Savoie.

Wild boar and apricot terrine

This lively game is combined with the sweetness of apricot. A subtle combination...

Country terrine

All the tradition inherent in the charcutier's craft.

Genepi terrine

Let yourself be swept away by the unique flavour of this mountain flower.

Three-pepper terrine

Let yourself be swept away by the warmth of the peppery aromas that give this terrine its exotic flavour.

Beaufort terrine

Discover the flavour of the legendary Savoyard cheese in this terrine.

Comté terrine

The entire history of the fruit sellers of Franche-Comté is packed into this terrine.

Munster terrine

The foothills of the Vosges mountains is the birthplace of this cheese, which packs a big personality. To be enjoyed irresponsibly with a white Alsace wine.

Abondance terrine

Discover this traditional cheese, produced in the beautiful valley of Abondance.

Bleu de Bonneval terrine

Be captivated by the powerful flavour of this blue cheese, which is typical of the Haute-Maurienne Valley.

Hazelnut terrine

Its delicate hazelnut flavour will delight everyone, big and small.

Forest terrine

A great balance of flavours in this subtle combination of mushrooms.

Boletus terrine

Discover the power of this mushroom packed with autumn flavours.

Provençal terrine

Ideal for a sunny aperitif.

Wild garlic terrine

Ideal for a sunny aperitif.

Blueberry terrine

A wonderful balance of sweet and savoury to delight lovers of this mountain fruit.

Venison and cranberry terrine

The tanginess of cranberries together with the strong flavours of the game will perfectly accompany your festive aperitifs.

Duck and orange terrine

A warm terrine that’ll enchant your festive aperitifs.

Jellied head cheese terrine

Pork enthusiasts take note! Delicious balance of persillade and jellied head cheese, slowly cooked in bouillon.