The special flavours range

Herb saucisson

Basil, tarragon, Provencal herbs. A saucisson for lovers of aromatic herbs.

Fig saucisson

Ideal for an aperitif with sweet and savoury flavours.

Blueberry saucisson

A hit with the tourists! A traditional saucisson with berries from our mountains.

Le Saucisson
de sanglier

Made with the finest wild boar shoulder and pork. Ideal for game lovers.

Donkey meat saucisson

A classic saucisson made in the country. A mix of donkey meat and pork.

Flavours of Provence saucisson

Its subtlety is down to the combination of dried tomatoes, olives and a dash of seasoning. An unmissable product for lovers of aperitif saucissons!

Genepi saucisson

A saucisson flavoured with a liqueur made with genepi (a pretty plant picked high up in the mountains).

Pine saucisson

Its delicate woody flavours will bring back memories of your mountain holidays!

Pepper- or herb-coated saucisson

Coated with black pepper or herbs, these saucissons will satisfy lovers of rich flavours.

Three-pepper saucisson

Discover the surprisingly complementary flavours of black, green and pink pepper. Blown into Savoie on a trade wind!

Espelette pepper saucisson

Discover the delicate aroma and strong character of Espelette pepper, straight from the Basque country.


Made with pork and beef, this sweet chorizo is slightly smoked and dried. It’ll give any aperitif a touch of character.