The dried meat range


Dry-salting gives our capocollo an exceptional tenderness that’s sure to go down well at your aperitifs and Raclettes.

Dried beef

The careful attention paid to selecting our matured beef, lightly sprinkled with parsley, leads to an exceptional, lively product. For those who appreciate a product that both looks and tastes great!

Plain and smoked walnut ham

A high-quality product that’s dried for several months in the alpine air. There’s plain or natural smoked!


A superb traditional product, its delicate taste arises from a thorough production method and slow maturing in our drying rooms.

Plain and smoked pork breast

Plain or delicately smoked, slowly dried and then dusted with spices, our pork breast can be enjoyed like a ham. To be cut thinly!

L' Épicéa®

Our beautiful forests are filled with the sweet smell of resin. Find the captivating flavour of spruce bark in this slowly dried and slightly smoked pork fillet, an unmissable star in any Savoyard charcuterie.

Duck breast fillet

Discover the subtle, spiced flavour of this dried and slightly smoked duck breast, the perfect accompaniment to your salads and aperitifs.

Plain and smoked ham heart

This delicious topside, plain or smoked, cut from the heart of the ham joint and slowly dried over several months, will light up your charcuterie plates.

Plain and smoked Caillasse®

Behind its tough name, which means “gravel” in French, hides a delicious product made with dried pork fillet, a speciality exclusive to Mont Charvin. To be enjoyed in thin slices.

Le Tavaillon®

Another Mont Charvin creation: a small slab of dried beef, slowly marinated in plum schnapps. Don’t leave Savoie without tasting this gourmet delight!

L’ Ancelle®

The plank of wood used to cover our mountain chalets has become a Mont Charvin speciality. Enjoy this woody-flavoured pork fillet that’s been dried and marinated in an infusion of pine tree buds. Delicious!


The perfect addition to a charcuterie platter as an accompaniment to a raclette.