Our products light

L' Artisalight®

Although made with 90% lean meat, this product’s subtlety will seduce you thanks to its authentic flavour.

Le Saucilight®

A mix of meats and spices, its original design reminds you
that the Saucilight is
the lightest on the market.
To be eaten guilt-free!

La Caillasse®

Behind its tough name,
which means “gravel” in French
hides a delicious product
made with dried pork fillet,
ua speciality exclusive to Mont Charvin.
To be enjoyed in thin slices!

Le Tavaillon®

Another Mont Charvin creation: a small slab of dried beef, slowly marinated in plum schnapps
Don’t leave Savoie without tasting this gourmet delight!


The plank of wood
used to cover our mountain chalets has become a Mont Charvin speciality.
Enjoy this woody-flavoured pork fillet
that’s been dried and marinated in an infusion of pine tree buds. Delicious!

L' Épicéa®

Our beautiful forests are filled
with the sweet smell of resin. Find the captivating flavour of spruce bark
in this slowly dried pork fillet,
an unmissable star in any Savoyard charcuterie.